Blog #3: One in 8 Million


One in 8 Million

The above website is a multimedia feature on the New York Times website called One in 8 Million. The feature is a series of profiles on the residents of New York, telling their stories through pictures and sound. The segment ran for all of 2009, and posted features of people from every walk of life. The multimedia feature eventually won an Emmy for “new approaches to documentary.”

One of the videos on the website is called The Straight Brother, and it tells the story of Paul Bockwoldt, a man who joined an predominantly gay rugby team to bond more with his gay brother. The story is interesting because it shows how Bockwoldt uses the rugby team to repair a relationship that became frayed during the brothers’ youth. In terms of presentation, the video does a good job of using B-Roll that relates directly to what Bockwoldt is talking about in his interview. It also does a good job of using a variety of B-Roll, including pictures from the boys’ youth and pictures of their activities outside of rugby.

The one thing that I would change is I would not only use black-and-white pictures, I would use color pictures as well. I would also have used video for the piece on Bockwoldt because it focuses on a sport with a lot of motion, and pictures slow down the speed of rugby too much. Even though the point of the feature is to display peoples’ individual stories, I would also have maybe included the voice of the brother, because the story was also about him. I would have loved to hear his opinion on his brother joining the rugby team for him.

Overall, the entire One in 8 Million feature is extremely entertaining and does a good of reporting the cliche that everybody has a story. Part of the fun of journalism is being able to tell people’s stories, so this is definitely a good piece of journalism.

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