Blog #4: USA Today Coaches’ Poll


USA Today Top-25 College Football Coaches’ Ballots

The USA Today Coaches’ Poll in college football is one of the two human rankings used in determining the BCS standings and who plays for the national championship. It allows 31 coaches to evaluate the teams they’ve played and give their opinion on who is the greatest team in college football. While USA Today doesn’t release how each coach votes on a week-to-week basis, they do release who voted for who in their final rankings.

This year, they chose to present the coaches’ votes with a multimedia graphic. USA Today did a really good job of creating a graphic that is easy to navigate and presents all the information that a reader would want. The graphic has two axes, one for the all the coaches who voted and one for all the teams who received votes. If you were to navigate over the coaches’ names, it has their rankings by putting numbers next to the teams’ names. If you navigate over the teams’ names, it has where the coaches voted the teams by putting blocks in the coaches’ columns. If you click on the team names, it shows their rankings for the season. If you click on the coaches’ names, it puts their rankings into list form.

This was an extremely effective form of multimedia, and USA Today should consider making the graphic for every week of the season. It was very easy to navigate and presented a large amount of information. Other polls, like the AP and BCS polls, should consider creating graphics similar to the one featured on the USA Today website.

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