Industry Trends

A recent trend has seen the public prefer to receive their news from a “biased” media source. As a result, journalists are playing less of a role in reporting the news, tailoring to their viewers and letting them decide what they should report on.

If you compare the least-trusted news networks with the most-watched cable news networks, you can see that MSNBC and Fox News are found towards the top of both lists. The big problem is that news programs are only reciting news and not contextualizing it, which is leading to an “uninformed public.” This was largely seen during the 2012 Presidential Election, which was one of the most negative elections recorded by the Pew Research Center.

This creates the dilemma of what journalists should do. Should they stick to the principles of journalism or tailor information to their viewers?

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Note: This assignment was completed for my Journalism 405: Study of News: The Newspaper Apprenticeship class.